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The Use Of A New Self - Lubricating Plastic Sliding Bearing On A Disconnector

   The use of isolation bearings rotating parts of the sliding bearing:

   The disconnector contact is the separation of the knife can rely on manual and electric control

to complete, but that is the kind of need to rotate the parts in any case can run smoothly, which 

requires the rotation of the bearing parts in the longer time in order to ensure that the normal

 work. In order to ensure that the annual maintenance process in the isolation switch can be 

normal operation, this requires the rotation of the sliding parts of the annual resistance to high

 and low temperature staggered and when the end of the cover after the failure resistance to a 

variety of external factors of erosion, such as salt spray, acid rain, oxidative corrosion and so

 on natural factors caused by failure.

    Self-Lubricating plastic bearing wear mechanism:

    CSB-EPB series of self-lubricating plastic bearings with excellent self-lubricating and wear

 resistance, high-performance engineering plastics used in high-strength fiber to improve the 

material load and special grease to reduce the friction coefficient of the material, thereby 

enhancing the material of the comprehensive wear resistance to extend the life of plastic 

bearings. High-performance engineering plastics as the base material as the main wear-resistant 

carrier, reinforced fiber to improve the bearing in the bearing and impact resistance; special 

grease to reduce the friction coefficient of the bearing from the lubrication.

    Self-Lubricating plastic sliding bearings for the advantages of isolation switch:

    1.Because the plastic bearing CSB-EPB1 can work in a vacuum environment, so the use of this 

plastic bearing high-voltage isolation switch is not installed on the height of the restrictions

can be more than 3000 meters above sea level on the normal work.

    2.The long-term use of plastic bearings CSB-EPB1 temperature of -50 ℃ ~ +10 ℃, so the use of

this plastic bearing high-voltage isolation switch whether used in the cold north or hot south can

work properly, can be more than 10mm thickness, the ice under normal work.

    3.Plastic bearings CSB-EPB1 hygroscopicity is very small only 0.05%, use of this plastic 

bearing high-voltage isolation switch whether it is in high humidity large rainy day or high dry 

summer can complete the normal rotation.

    4.Because the plastic bearing CSB-EPB1 with fiber reinforced, so the use of this plastic 

bearing high-voltage isolation switch can withstand from the wind (700pa or more) or earthquake 

(8 above) bring a variety of severe vibration.

     5.CSB-EPB1 plastic bearings excellent anti-fouling ability to ensure that high-voltage

isolation switch in a variety of bad environment (pollution level IV above) under mormal work.

     6.Plastic bearings CSB-EPB1 excellent corrosion resistance can be completed by the 

traditional metal bearings can not be completed in the high salt spray or acid rain environment to

compelete the smooth rotation of various part.

      7.Plastic bearings CSB-EPB1 overall material evenly distributed in a variety of high-

lubricating solid lubricant, even in the installation process even if not MoS2 lithium-based

grease can also ccomplete the normal rotation action, whether it is manual operation or electric 

remote control operaton can be done.

      8.The  use of plastic bearings CSB-EPB1 high-voltage isolation switch in the "closing" or 

"gate" in the process of isolation knife operation is relatively smooth and does not appear 

because of the rotation of the rotating parts caused by the release of the knife jitter 


     9.CSB-EPB1 excellent self-lubricating wear resistance and anti-aging properties (more than 

30 years) to ensure that high-voltage isolation switch can be completed  more than 100,000 

mechanical movements.